Do you host something wonderful to offer and you think it is missing on our website? We are always on the lookout for Alliances & Partners offering activities and things to do which appeals to our customers. We are quite flexible with altering our tours and mix matching as per unique requests and expectations from our customers.

What information is needed for promoting on ChaloPicnic

  • Water Sports & Sailing
  • Tour Type (Individual/Couple/Group)
  • Seasonality & Availability
  • Prices inclusive of GST
  • Tour Description, Images, Inclusions
  • Mode of Communication (Phone/Email)

Your activity listing on our portal will be successfully launched after a mutual agreement is completed. Kindly note ChaloPicnic only processes online payments to Vendors based on our arrangement. In case of part payment collected online for acknowledging booking confirmation, the amount will be transferred via NEFT and balance amount can be collected in cash/card from customer at the time of availing the service. As a distribution platform/portal we shall also promote & list your activities across various affiliates and partnered companies.