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The Intermediate or Novice Paragliding Course is the second step towards turning your dream of flying to passion. It is a great feeling to be up in the air, enjoy the freedom and get a sense of achievement. There is a training schedule of ground handling and advance takeoff techniques.

The key to become a good paragliding pilot is to develop your ground handling or kiting skills. This is a never ending process but in this course you will be on the right track for developing these skills.

These skills will help you in launching the glider using the most effective techniques, learn to control your glider smoothly without oscillation and spot landing your glider in a predetermined place. With the practice of Advanced Take off techniques you'll fly in varying conditions so that you'll be familiar with the changing weather and be able to recognize appropriate and inappropriate conditions for flying.

The instructors not only cover entire list of tasks required by the United States Hang Gliding Association to become a novice rated pilot but also go beyond the minimums to include additional flying skills and theoretical information.In the theory classes you'll learn: aerodynamics, glider control, weather, rules and regulations, critical situations and simulated reserve deployments.

The institute will provide educational videos and share resources to make your theory lesson more tangible.We believe that only the most knowledgeable students can become the best and the safest pilots.


10 days


Course :

In Intermediate/novice Course you learn all the skills necessary to fly without supervision and earn your Novice level certification.This is a comprehensive course designed to make you a safe and competent pilot with good judgment. You also learn to reason out and understand when not to fly. If you have to take paragliding as a regular sport you need to develop your practical and the theoretical skill level. This course will be divided in two sessions: ground handling and advance takeoff techniques.Ground handling will be a four day course whereas  Advance takeoff techniques are taught at takeoff sites followed by soaring flights. Every flight you will be learning new things. In the theory classes learn: aerodynamics, glider control, weather, rules and regulations, critical situations and simulated reserve deployments. The institute  will provide educational videos and share  resources to make your theory lesson more tangible.


This is a proficiency based course and depend on the individual's pace of learning. One can finish the course in ten days or learn at their own pace as this is important step of paragliding training. You will proceed at the pace you are the most comfortable with and complete the course when you've fulfilled all the required tasks and pass the certification test. Your schedule and the weather conditions will have a lot to do with the time it will take to complete this course.


Virar is blessed with hills and sea breeze providing ideal terrain and wind conditions for aviation sports.There are a number of hills that would be used as take off points depending on the wind conditions. There is also an option of winching or towing out on the plains or seashore so you can  choose between hill flying as well as winch based flights.Being a coastal area the winds  are laminar, predictable and ideal for aviation sports and also hundreds of acres of open land is accesible where winch based training is conducted


Ankle support shoes are a good investment if you love outdoors adventure sports. An alternative would be your best pair of shoes for outdoor activity. Full sleeves T-shirt is a must along with denim trousers. Plenty of water and high energy fruits or chocolates will be useful. Get your camera along. 


With the help of  paragliders and guidance of experienced instructors you can enjoy the thrill and adrenalin rush experienced by the pioneers of aviation.The institute has over fifteen years of experience and is involved with various aviation sports , so you learn the art of Paragliding from the Professionals. The training methods have been evolved over a period of time to suit individuals with different pace of learning. The training site is near the flying institute. Using  a simulator with all controls to gives you a feel of being in the air. The Institute conducts extensive theory and video session to help you get the fundamentals right. Students are trained by chief instructor on a one to one basis with proper briefs and debriefs and not by assistants. Maximum number of students in a batch is three to four. The training site is not crowded so you do not have to wait because of air traffic. 


The most important skill to master in paragliding is ground handling. Every student who continues paragliding after the basic course is given special training in ground handling which drastically reduces the risks at takeoffs and landings.Paragliding is an adventure sport and like any other adventure sport has inherent risk associated with it. The institute has years of experience in training  which helps to eliminate and reduce the risk. The group size is small and the site is not congested with pilots. Being a coastal area winds too are predictable. All these factors help to maintain a good safety record. The institute is equipped with first aid facilities and a stretcher. In any unfortunate incident good hospitals are within two kilometers from the site. There are procedures in place to deal with any kind of emergencies.


Typically a student starts on the training equipment but, one should get his gear early in the course to take the best advantage of your time under instruction. This way, you can learn to fly the equipment which you will be using in the long run. The training charges are also less if you have your own equipment. Guidance will be give to buy the right equipment and if possible pass on any discounts to you. Used gear is also available for those on a budget.


Accomodation is available at extra charges.


We are committed to our student and hope to have a long term relationship with all of our students. Any student who completes a Intermediate/novice course and purchases his own equipment is welcome to fly with the institutel. This way, although technically you are on your own, you'll still have the resources of the institute your instructors to help you as you work on later ratings.


Whats offered:

Travelling to flying sites in our club vehicle.

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

With the best will in the world we shall make every effort to have these requests fulfilled given the availability and feasibility to have it presented to you as a perfect experience. 

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A notification will be sent to your email and mobile with the confirmation number and contact details of the operations team to coordinate the meeting point and landmark to be escorted for the guided experience.

Please reach out on + 91 8898 31 8868 for urgent queries or write to chalopicnic@gmail.com  


Kindly carry along your government issued identity for verification.  You can be rest assured that www.chalopicnic.com chooses best service providers based on reviews and testimonials by travel experts and customers for prior experiences provided, accreditation level achieved by their Certifying Institutes, just to ensure that a smooth experience can be delivered to you.


There are no charges towards the booking in case of change or cancellation if you are unable to take the tour due to unforeseen circumstances. We only expect you to notify prior in case you wish to change or cancel your booking. As most of activities we listed have flexible policies.

The best options will be worked out and make sure you get to use it at a later date or cancel the booking to get a refund.