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This is the very first step towards becoming a paraglider pilot.This course is designed to give you a fair idea about paragliding and what it promises. The day starts by arriving at the site in the morning or afternoon depending on the weather conditions. The first session in paragliding starts by introducing you to the equipment and the paragliding flying site. Your first training lesson is on flat ground where we explain and demonstrate the paragliding basics-canopy inspection, canopy lay out, how to connect oneself to the paraglider and most importantly the paragliding pre-flight checks.Instructors check if there is any wind, and lay the canopy out on the ground facing the direction the wind is blowing from. Once the harness is attached to the risers and helmets are put on, paragliders pilots hook themselves into the harness and do a pre-flight check.

The next step is to inflate the canopy and familiarize oneself with the canopy and controls.Running along the ground with the wing above you, you will see how to control the wing's direction with the brakes (also used for steering). You will also learn to bring down the glider by using the brakes.Running along the ground with the wing above you, you will understand how to control the wing's direction with the brakes (also used for steering). You will also learn to bring down the glider by using the brakes.Demonstration is given on how to gather the paraglider into a mushroom shaped ball, ready for carrying. This is way to walk with the glider so that it doesn't drag the wing on the ground.

After brief explanations and demonstrations, it's time to get started ! Don't expect anything in the first go, just follow the instructions and see what happens. After the first attempt things will begin to make some sense and your patient instructor will help and assist you to understand what's going wrong and why. Its like learning any other sport, playing around with the wing and a few more attempts will familiarize you with the wing and the controls.Soon you will be able to inflate the glider with ease and be able to correlate its behavior with the wind conditions.Once you have an idea of the forward inflation technique, it will be easier for you. You will go up a nursery slope and run down the gentle slope.The slopes will allow you to start to feel the lift created by the wing as you run with it.Next you learn the take off and landing techniques by a simple use of brakes that will help you during your small lift offs. You are now doing what are called as 'hops'.All along your instructor will keep giving you tips and tricks to improve your skills.

Once you have mastered your take offs and landings, you will be ready for your first epic flight popularly known as your 'FIRST SOLO' flight.You are cleared for your first flight after your Instructors are fully convinced about your ability to fly solo and so are you. This is where the magic begins. You will be assisted for take off from a 200 ft hill and your flight will be radio supervised by your instructor and there will also be an Instructor down below as a landing marshal.There is nothing quite your first solo. You are filled with a feeling of exhilaration, fear and excitement before take off and your Instructor will guide you how to overcome all this.And of course on landing you will have the largest smile ever!Be sure to get a camera as your first paragliding flight happens only once!

The Introductory Paragliding Course makes you eligible to sign up for the next level - the Novice Paragliding Course which will take you to your CLUB PILOT Rating and your Club Pilot License.


3 days


The Introductory Paragliding Course covers:

Site and wind assessment, Equipment introduction, Canopy layout, Pre-flight checks, Forward inflation, Control familiarization, Ground handling, Canopy deflation, Take off & landing technique, Steering and Speed Control, Solo flights - assisted take off, radio supervised flying & landing, Post flight procedures, Canopy - care & maintenance

About The School:

A leading paragliding training school in the country which provides the best paragliding education and conducts basic to advance level courses.The Chief Instructor is an ex-Air Force fighter pilot with 22 years of aviation background. The CFI, Chief Flying Instructor has thousands of hours solo and tandem flying and 14 years of training experience and the Senior Instructor has over 8 years of experience.The school is registered and licensed with APPI International-(Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland), and have satisfactorily met the certification standards set by them. The school also provide you an Internationally recognised APPI Pilot License after completing your certification.It is also a registered school  as an associate member of IPF -Indian Parachuting Federation, which is a registered member of Aeroclub of India.The training Program is a step by step, well structured program that makes learning to fly easy and a fun experience.The lessons are taught you at your own pace, keeping in mind your fitness levels and your aptitude.

High safety standards:

'Safety First' is the mantra and extend this to all aspects of paragliding - equipment, skill & knowledge and attitude.There is a 100% safety record and also have a dedicated Safety Officer at the flying site to maximise safety. The team is EFR (Emergency First Responder) and First Aid Certified and the Chief Instructor is a qualified EFR+ First Aid Instructor.The school is associated with the best Hospital in close vicinity with a 24/7 fully equipped ambulance service.

Best instructor to student ratio:

The large team of Instructors ensures a very good instructor to student ratio.Personal attention and care for each student is the priority. Senior Instructors are APPI Qualified Instructors and also have international sporting licenses from the FAI. They regularly update their skills by participating in advance skill workshops and courses.

Quality equipment & extensive teaching material:

The gliders are certified from the top brands for training, for all weight ranges and pilot experience levels. A flight log book, a certification task book and a training manual to continue training is provided after school.Theory classes are conducted for all levels of training, so that you can learn and perfect not just your flying skills but consolidate that with aerodynamics (principles of flight), airmanship (rules of the air) and understand micro-meteorology (the weather).

After you graduate from School:

The internationally certified equipment is provided.Join the Club membership so you can continue flying safely in a club environment and make great flying friends.


Best brands are used in the paragliding world like NIVIUK (www.niviuk.com) and also the international brands like GIN, Skywalk, Windtech, etc. All equipment is test flown and certified by international organisations like the German DHV, European LTF and EN.

The Experience:

Live with your course mates, resident Instructors and other pilots and get an opportunity to share and learn a lot. It is a fun environment that will extend the joy of flying to talking about flying. Browse through paragliding films and books from our vast collection.


Whats offered:

Training Gear:
The paraglider, harness, helmet and radios during the lessons is provided. No special clothing is required although we do suggest that you wear full-length pants and comfortable running shoes with ankle support.

The Accommodation:
The Club House has an outdoor area that includes tennis courts, basketball court and the swimming pool. The indoor area includes the Gym, pool tables, carom boards and table tennis.The accommodation is more like a home stay that includes separate rooms and dormitory. The stay is simple and clean, bathrooms have hot and cold water. There is a briefing room that is used for ground school and paragliding video sessions. We have a Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet facility available.

The Food:
There is a well appointed kitchen. The cook fondly called 'kaka' has 20 years experience in cooking. Here you can have simple and tasty Indian meals which of both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

All the flying sites are within a radius of 10 to 15 kms of our base.The club vehicles are used for the team, equipment and students. So transport to the site is taken care of.

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

With the best will in the world we shall make every effort to have these requests fulfilled given the availability and feasibility to have it presented to you as a perfect experience. 

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Address : Powai Mumbai 400076 


A notification will be sent to your email and mobile with the confirmation number and contact details of the operations team to coordinate the meeting point and landmark to be escorted for the guided experience.

Please reach out on + 91 8898 31 8868 for urgent queries or write to chalopicnic@gmail.com  


Kindly carry along your government issued identity for verification.  You can be rest assured that www.chalopicnic.com chooses best service providers based on reviews and testimonials by travel experts and customers for prior experiences provided, accreditation level achieved by their Certifying Institutes, just to ensure that a smooth experience can be delivered to you.


There are no charges towards the booking in case of change or cancellation if you are unable to take the tour due to unforeseen circumstances. We only expect you to notify prior in case you wish to change or cancel your booking. As most of activities we listed have flexible policies.

The best options will be worked out and make sure you get to use it at a later date or cancel the booking to get a refund.