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Prices begin from Rs. 5250 Per Group
Come on …. Explore some inauthentic myths and get to know how they emerged. Almost every place of worship acts as a cradle for incredible superstitions, fathomless faith and senile practices that might seem eccentric to someone. Don’t fret!! If you come across sorcery practices and people who blindly follow and believe in supernatural and sharing their experiences .You will definitely come back to normal life.

So you think life is in our control, wearing black wrist band can help in keeping bad spirits away, dog whines in night is considered to bring bad omen in one’s life, a piece of rock can actually transform into a venerable demiurge.
Welcome to the world full of Mystics!!Where you don’t have to look far in India to explore mysticism, you can find easily in every nook and cranny of religious places.

Mysticism suffuses everyday living in India. It exists on streets and inside homes also where parrots foretell your future and donnish forecast your future with respect to planets movements. Experience the aura of the unknown in almost everything around you. This Mystical tour walks you through the incredible stories hidden behind some common beliefs and practices of region but that won’t give you all the answers but may leave you in the puzzle and reel state.


2 Hours 30 Minutes Approximately

Tour Criteria:

Cost Based on 4 Passenger in One Group

Departure Time:

From 08:00 To 10:30


1:In most public places, and especially religious places, it is best to keep your shoulders and legs covered.
2:There may be restrictions in some places, while some other places may require you to buy a camera ticket. And you must certainly take permission before you click pictures of people or of religious places. If in doubt, just ask our storyteller. So go ahead and take those pictures, and remember to keep an eye on the storyteller – you don’t want to lose her/him!
3:Expect to see at least some crowds on the streets, especially the bazaars. Our storytellers will certainly make every possible attempt to keep you comfortable.
4:Carry an umbrella.
5:Our regular city trails can be enjoyed by anyone over 12 years of age.


Whats offered:

Mostly by foot, auto-rickshaws used on short stretches.
The Price for this tour includes: Bottled water
Services of the Tour Guide

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

With the best will in the world we shall make every effort to have these requests fulfilled given the availability and feasibility to have it presented to you as a perfect experience. 

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PAYTM - 8898318868 - Gain Cashback / Discounts only through Online Booking.

Payment via - IMPS / NEFT / Cash / Cheque 

Bank name : IDBI

Bank Account Name : Adventura Tours Private Limited

Account Number : 0237102000007368

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Account Type : Current AC

Address : Powai Mumbai 400076 


A notification will be sent to your email and mobile with the confirmation number and contact details of the operations team to coordinate the meeting point and landmark to be escorted for the guided experience.

Please reach out on + 91 8898 31 8868 for urgent queries or write to chalopicnic@gmail.com  


Kindly carry along your government issued identity for verification.  You can be rest assured that www.chalopicnic.com chooses best service providers based on reviews and testimonials by travel experts and customers for prior experiences provided, accreditation level achieved by their Certifying Institutes, just to ensure that a smooth experience can be delivered to you.


There are no charges towards the booking in case of change or cancellation if you are unable to take the tour due to unforeseen circumstances. We only expect you to notify prior in case you wish to change or cancel your booking. As most of activities we listed have flexible policies.

The best options will be worked out and make sure you get to use it at a later date or cancel the booking to get a refund.