Parasailing at Cavelossim


Cavelossim Beach is situated between Sal River and Arabian Sea. It is one of the most beautiful beaches and as you head to parasailing in Goa for an exciting experience! You will rise above the stunning view of Cavelossim beach, an excellent destination for water sports. So let s go for Sortie in the air. Here is a breath-taking adventure on the block, another addition to give you adrenaline rush.

The pleasant weather along with calm waters and long coastline promises the most exciting of sports and adventure imaginable and for people from novice to an expert. It gives you immense pleasure as if you are soaring along with kite above the ground or sea.  The flight is finished while heading into the wind; landing will be closer to the winch. The winch operator reduces the power and the flyer gently drifts downward.


This experience begins with briefing and the basics of Parasailing by a Certified Instructor.You will be provided with life jackets for safety during the Tour.

Best Season   Popular Throughout the Year,

Inside Tip   Para Sailing should be Avoided when it is Raining or when the Winds are Strong.

Important Gear   Tow boat, tow rope, parasail, lifejacket and wet suits.

Safety Measures A well-trained Operator as landing on the Beach is a tricky.

A preflight inspection of all the gear is required and insures its flight readiness. If the winds conditions are not safe we wait for conditions to improve. We have responsible persons at takeoff who makes sure the passenger has all the straps and is briefed about hand positions. We also make sure he understands how to balance himself during takeoff and after landing.  On Hard surfaces the flyer wears a helmet, knee and elbow guards for protection.

A Parasail is a parachute that is designed to be towed behind a boat, you are attached to a Parasail s harness. Once the checks are done, the take-off assistants signal the driver of the tow vehicle, the passenger takes a few steps -- and soars into the air! Depending on the length of the tow rope, your parasail can carry you hundreds of feet into the sky.

You wouldn't have to worry about anything as the flight is under control by winch operator also called paraglider pilot. Responsibility for the safety of the passenger depends to a large extent on the team helping out in this sport who have 5 years  experience of winching paragliders, so you are in absolute safe hands.


9 AM - 6 PM - Throughout the year


Instructions to use the Parasail and basic orientation of the sport will be provided to the participant by our Team of Experts.


  • Email / Text Message confirmation of voucher will be sent once confirmation of booking is acknowledged.
  • Voucher will contain all detail of activity – Date & Reporting Time, Exact Address & Landmarks of Location, Name & Phone Contact.
  • You will be informed on Email / Text if it is mandatory to carry the voucher during tour or your name will be put on travelers list.
  • In case your booking cannot be honored with the date & time selected – 1) alternate options will be offered 2) if not agreeable full refund will be processed.


  • Bookings once confirmed cannot be cancelled or changed to another date or time.
  • Cancellations requests will be accepted only in case of serious illness of the traveler or death within the family.
  • Cancellation / change in existing booking will need minimum of 3 business days prior. Notification should be done by email only.
  • Refund will be processed in 7 – 10 business days to bank account through NEFT only.
  • In case of bad weather / operating challenges, wherein we are unable to honor the booking – full refund will be processed.


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