About Us

So what we offer is memorable and unforgettable experiences at competitive prices for easy understanding, comparison and booking. Looking to indulge in adventure sports, water sports, excursions, city tour guides/walks, courses, or something more personalized, www.chalopicnic.com has something to offer. Also if you have something planned and wondering who to approach to organize it? Then choose us as we shall work it out with the best will in the world.


You all get to experience the activities listed with full assurance from us, and the experience providers we partner with offer exceptional services. This has been reviewed by our team and travel experts based on historical experiences provided, accreditation level achieved by their respective Certifying Institutes/Bodies, reviews and testimonials from websites like Facebook, TripAdvisor etc, which are strong medium of judgment towards online travel purchases.  So we have reduced your role of what to handpick and curate or reading a long string of reviews and comments to identify the services on par. 


Our website has online booking capability and displaying confirmation instantly from the spur of the moment you gave that thought of experiencing it. The Delivery of voucher is sent to your email for your records; do reach out to us in case of post sales services and personalization requests as different as having pasta while yacht sailing and watching the sunset or expect a beer after you are done with wakeboarding or jet skiing.


Let the experiences begin!!!